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Delivery Miles: 1978 Ford Fiesta Mk1

Delivery Miles: 1978 Ford Fiesta Mk1

Every now and then we come across some interesting barn finds and for this week we have a well preserved 1st generation Ford Fiesta Mk1 . With just 140 miles it would be a safe bet to say this is the lowest mileage Fiesta out there. So if you would like to rejuvenate your childhood memories of being at the Ford dealership in the 70s this is your cread
Reasons to avoid BMW Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Reasons to avoid BMW Carbon Ceramic Brakes

The BMW carbon-ceramic  brakes are supplied by Brembo, a well-known brand to supply braking components. First introduced with ...read
Ferrari Club Malta

Ferrari Club Malta

We have come across a lovely range of Ferrari's from the local Ferrari club here in Malta. Despite the rain earlier in the da ...read

BMW Z3 Roadster Buying Guide

What is different between a prefacelift and facelift BMW Z3? If you are in the market for the BMW Z3 I highly suggest you rea

April 4, 2018

Car Scene in Malta

The 31st of March is a public holiday in Malta, and the weather this time of the year is always sunny. So the best thing to do a

April 1, 2018